Driver Management Services

One Solution, Multiple Benefits

Savvy transportation and logistics professionals have embraced the practice of fully outsourcing the driver portion of their business. This customized truck driver management service relieves them of the challenges of recruiting, employing, and managing drivers and allows them to focus on running their business.

At Exclusive Drivers, our Driver Management Service™ offers you:

  • A driver staffing plan customized to your operation
  • Outsourced management and supervision of drivers while you control your trucks, dispatch, software, and routing
  • Confidence that your driver team will be available without interruption
  • Backup drivers through our flexible and mobile drivers, as needed
  • Seamless transition when moving your current driver workforce to Exclusive Drivers' DMS program - 96% retention of drivers converting to DMS

Exclusive Drivers' Driver Management Service is a dedicated solution to your truck driver management concerns. Our team of professionals ensure a seamless transition while also retaining your current drivers. By outsourcing your driver employment to Exclusive Drivers, you increase productivity by being able to focus on core aspects of your business.  

Once Exclusive Drivers' drivers are assigned to your fleet, we continue to manage each one, ensuring they maintain strict compliance with all federal and state driver regulations.


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