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Do I need Temps?

2015: The Year of the Temporary Employee


So it looks like 2015 will be the Year of the Temp. According to a recent job forecast by CareerBuilder, 46% of US employers plan to add temporary workers to their teams in 2015, up from 42% last year. For comparison, only 36% of employers say then plan to add full-time, permanent positions to their staffs this year.

Hiring temporary workers instead of permanent employees has been a growing trend over the past decade. As companies scramble to save money in 2015, adding short-term, per-project employees is a way to save costs and use staffing resources more efficiently. Permanent hires cost companies money. Recruiting talent, completing the interview and selection process, and training a new employee can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars. If that employee doesn’t work out, that money’s gone.